"Transforming Young Lives, Empowering Futures"

The Don Bosco Young at Risk (DB YaR) Forum initiative is a transforming force committed to uplifting disadvantaged children and young people across India. It operates over 175+ settings in 125+ locations in 20 states. The data, painstakingly gathered from 11 provinces and combined the central office, provide as evidence of the program’s wide-ranging influence.

Currently, DB YaR Forum has had a profoundly good impact on the lives of 1,54,738 children and teenagers, 89,370 family members, and adults. This has led to a significant wave of change in society. The services provided are a perfect example of the our unwavering dedication to empowering young people in risk. DB YaR Forum makes sure that no child is left behind by offering open shelters for 4,658 children, children’s homes for 2,992 little ones, and special attention to kids living in slums, reaching out to other 8,599 young people in slum orbits. By working together with the police, it was possible to contact 2,233 children, creating a vital link between law enforcement and the welfare of at-risk youngsters. Additionally, 19,007 children have benefited from the non-residential services that emphasizes dropout prevention and National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), providing them with access to education and a road to a better future. Through its Eco Club and child rights DB YaR Forum serves about 25,000 children and instills principles of accountability and empowerment while placing a strong emphasis on child rights and environmental stewardship. In response to imperative challenges of substance abuse and misuse, DB YaR Forum offers counseling and rehabilitation services to 13,300 children in an effort to free them from the bonds of addiction and direct them towards a healthier and more rewarding life

The DB YaR Forum’s commitment to helping migrant children and young workers is demonstrated by the remarkable 68,363 young lives it has touched, assuring their well-being and offering crucial services as they negotiate their situation. This Program for Migrants exemplifies the philosophy of fostering potential and empowering lives for a brighter and more inclusive future through its broad reach and transformative services.