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Saving the Street Children

By his own admission, Sachin was an undisciplined student who only learned the meaning and value of discipline at Don Bosco Night Study Centre (DBNSC). Born the son of a local politician he had a cushy existence for much of his life.

Sachin got to know about DBNSC when volunteers from there came to his school. Curious and intrigued about the institution, he started visiting them occasionally. He took a liking to the place because of the positive atmosphere. “They taught me the real way to live my life. Yesudas Sir is an inspiration! He pulled me and several other boys out of difficult situations and guided us. I owe everything to these people!” reveals Sachin. Finding a quiet place to study at home was not a problem for Sachin but something about DBNSC pulled him towards the institution and he found himself spending more time here with his books.

Sachin attributes his 78% score in HSLC Examinations to his association with DBNSC. He went on to earn a degree in Hospitality and Hotel Administration from IIHM, Gandhinagar. He also acquired a B.Com degree through correspondence from Delhi University.
Influenced by the good work done by the teaching faculty at DBNSC, it was not surprising that Sachin found his calling in working with street children in the area of education. He founded the Sunshine Youth Foundation, which has established its presence across four cities. In addition, he is still associated with DBNC.
He mentors those “in whom he sees himself”. Sachin says, “DBNSC is doing incredible work. Boys who do not have a place to study or access to teachers who are willing to go beyond their call of duty have found tremendous support here. I would like to do as much as possible for them”
Students from various backgrounds find a common anchor in DBNSC. According to Sachin it as an oasis in a desert, providing sustenance to whoever comes by. “There is no better description for the place. So many lives have been put on track by DBNC”, he says. For someone who started off as being undisciplined, this sure has been a fruitful journey.