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Finding Home After 13 Years.

Nagarajan Stayed in Foster Care for 2 Years Where He Completed His Education up to 6th Grade After Which He Ran Away with a Friend. He Was Traced After 4 Years and Referred to the Tumkur Child Welfare Committee. He Was Then Placed in BOSCO Yuvakendra in January 2018. He Received Vocational Training at BOSCO Life Skill Training Centre, Sumanahalli and Was Trained to Become a Motorbike Mechanic.

Nagarajan desired to reconnect with his family and with the help of Fr Joshy Puthur and Mr Bheemappa the search began. Even though Nagarajan had only blurry memories, the team was able trace the family. Mr Bheemappa soon came across Nagarajan’s relative. From her, they were able to reach out to Nagarajan’s family.

Nagarajan was accompanied by Mr Bheemappa while visiting his uncle’s home in March 2022. It was a moment of great joy and relief for Nagarajan as he was finally reunited with his family after 13 long years. He was overjoyed to see his uncle and other relatives, but at the same time, he was also saddened to know that his mother had passed away due to tuberculosis when he was only five years old. The reunion with his family was a bittersweet experience for him.