Enhancing the Mental Well-being of Young at Risk

Two-day National Seminar by DB YaR Forum (20-21, September 2023)

Mental well-being of young people is at cross-roads today. More so, the mental health of those who come under the category, Young at Risk (YaR). Children and young people who have either experienced or presently experiencing adverse situations such as neglect, abuse, exploitation, exclusion and violence are described as Young at Risk (YaR). Research studies indicate that these vulnerable young people are prone to experience poor physical health as well as poor mental health due to personal choices and environmental influences. Communicable and non-communicable disorders, and others such as alcohol and drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, road traffic injuries and suicide are some common problems they face today.

The National YaR Forum believes that our primary duty is to enable and enrich the mental well-being of these highly susceptible young people. By caring for their mental health, they will be assisted to know themselves and their needs, establish clear boundaries, create growth-oriented relationships and make right decisions. In short, they will be enabled to become proactive and prosocial.

This National Seminar (Sept 20-21) will help the YaR Forum members to enrich themselves with relevant knowledge, skills, practice and attitude in their ministry with such deserving young people. This seminar will be a research and experience based, hands-on practical workshop that will help each participant to be empowered in their ministry. You are most welcome!