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Child Friendly Spaces at Police Stations.

It is a known fact that working with the city administration is difficult. When approached to set up a Child Friendly Spaces within the police stations, the Police Commissioner of Vadodara denied the request. However, with time and persuassion, Ms Megha Tevar Patel and Mr Chirag Koradiya, Additional Commissioners of Poilce, Vadodara agreed to collaborate with Child Friendly Vadodara team.

Between December of 2020 and June of 2021, we were able to set up a total of 5 child friendly spaces across Vadodara city. With the help of civil society members, talented artists and children, the first child friendly space was set up in Mahila police station at Karelibaug. This was followed by spaces being set up in Harni, Bapod and Warasiya. Local funds were mobilized by the civil society members to paint the rooms and gather toys along with a few basic necessasities.