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Building a Future with Passion

Sandeep works as an Uber and Ola service provider. He started off by driving for Don Bosco Shelter and then worked in the mechanical department at Skoda. Today, he owns three cars and has hired two drivers.

Sandeep and his family had come to Mumbai to seek treatment for his father who was suffering from a serious ailment. He was around eight years old at that time. At Dadar Railway station Sandeep got separated from his family. Possibly, they didn’t attempt even looking for him because they were terribly poor and did not have the means for his upbringing, Sandeep was left alone, on the streets!

Sandeep used to wander the streets of Mumbai and sleep at the railway platform at Dadar. Destiny, however, had other plans for him. The outreach staff of Shelter Don Bosco, on one of their regular trips to help street kids, found him and told him about the mela that takes place in Shelter every month. Sandeep decided to attend the mela, and soon after he started living at Shelter.
When Sandeep first came to the Shelter in 2000, he felt lonely and missed the freedom and the friends that he had outside. He left Shelter after a while and went back to the streets. Two years later, longing for a secure and nurturing space, he was back! Soon, he started attending school and regular classes. He went on to complete his diploma in mechanisms and started work as a driver.
A few years ago, Fr George Miranda, helped Sandeep find his roots. He was overwhelmed when he met his mother and younger brother. “It was an emotional moment” reveals Sandeep. ‘I was seeing my mother after that fateful day when I was lost in Mumbai. I never thought I would ever be united with her every again’. Sandeep built a house for his mother to give her a roof over her head. He also takes care of this brother now. He informed them that Mumbai was now his home. His mother found a bride for him from the village and since the last three years, Sandeep is happily married and has a daughter.
Sandeep imparts driving skills to several young boys at the Shelter. He asks them to pay for the fuel and lends them his cars for practice. Now, several of them have also bought their own cars and have started working for Uber and Ola as well. He hopes that these youngsters will understand the value of hard work and pass on the kind deed to others like them in the future.